Areas of Practice

Real Estate | Lender Representation

Forsyth, Howe, O'Dywer, Kalb & Murphy, PC has represented lenders in both purchase money and refinance transactions throughout the entire State of New York including the five (5) Burroughs of New York City. In addition, we coordinate closings for lenders in all additional 49 states. Our law firm either currently represents or has closed for over seventy (70) residential mortgage lenders (either retail or wholesale or both). We have set up our closing network so that no borrower has to drive more than 45 minutes in order to get to one of our particular closing sites (we have 15 attorney closing sites throughout New York State) or we send a representative to a site convenient to the borrower.

We act as the central coordinator for all closings, obtaining the necessary title searches, title commitments, resolving title issues, if any, preparing and/or reviewing all documentation, arranging for the closing date and time, insuring run-out and recordation, disbursing all monies and issuing the title insurance policy, if required, or insuring that same is issued. We provide consistency, short turn around times, accuracy, identifiable costs and borrower satisfaction.

For more information, contact Duncan O'Dwyer at (585) 324 – 0603 or Gerald Murphy at (585) 324–0605, or Submit a Confidential Form Request.