Areas of Practice

Real Estate | Relocation and REO Real Estate Closings

Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy, PC represents a number of the largest employee relocation companies on a state wide basis, assisting these clients in making the relocation transaction a positive experience for all of the parties involved. Toward that end, we not only provide efficient and experienced title services, but also prompt document production, contract negotiation, and the drafting and review of purchase and sale contracts. Our network of closing attorneys provides excellent locally based closing services. We consistently receive the highest marks from the employees that we assist with relocation closings.

In connection with REO sales, Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy, PC has long experience in connection with the special challenges faced by lenders attempting to sell real estate acquired by them as a result of foreclosure actions. We utilize not only our extensive title insurance experience, but also our many years of expertise in foreclosure and bankruptcy matters to resolve the many title issues that can cause a REO sale to fail to close.

We also understand the client's need for timely closings. The failure to close promptly not only further ties up the client's funds, but also exposes the client to legal exposure for claimed building or property code violations; damage to the property from the elements, from vandalism or from vengeful former owners; the expenses resulting from continued maintenance costs and the loss of market value as the property continues to be exposed to the marketplace without a sale taking place. We work with all of the parties to the transaction in order to provide the REO lender with the most efficient and timely closings for these difficult properties.

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