Areas of Practice

Real Estate | Title Insurance


Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy, P.C. and title agencies affiliated with it are title agents for two of the nation's largest title insurance underwriters, Chicago Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title Guaranty Company. The firm or its affiliated title agencies provide title agent services throughout New York State as well as in most other states.

In addition, through contacts with these major underwriters and local attorneys in various states, the firm can serve as one source for lenders in connection with multi-state title insurance requirements and closing coordination. In this regard, the firm will provide or coordinate all title insurance orders, assist the lender and local agent or counsel with the cure of title defects by serving as the lender's interface between the borrower and the local agent or attorney, schedule closings at locations convenient to the borrower, disburse funds, and provide post closing follow up relative to the return of the closing file and the provision of the lender's final title insurance policy.


The title insurance coordination provided by our staff paralegals and attorneys further assists loan processors and underwriters with the prompt and efficient resolution of title issues. This assistance in working with the title insurance agent and the parties to the transaction and their counsel helps to shorten the time needed to schedule files for closing and also helps to eliminate matters that do not close because of missing or incorrect title curatives.

Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy, P.C. and its affiliated title agencies pride themselves on providing not only prompt title insurance services, but also closed loans that do not contain numerous insured but unresolved title defects that may devalue the lender's security down the road by necessitating the filing of title claims.


Title costs for title transactions may include charges for certain services not specified in the TIRSA rate manual but are provided by Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy at the request of your lender or attorney. The issuance of the title policy is not dependent upon the performance of such services.

Forsyth, Howe, O'Dwyer, Kalb & Murphy only charge ancillary charges in the amount of $37.80 representing by $35.00 for a Patriot Search and $2.80 for sales tax on said search.

For more information, contact Robert Kalb at (585) 324–0604 or Nancy McKinley at (585) 324–0616, or Submit a Confidential Form Request